City Services

  1. Animal Control

    View information about animal control within the community.

  2. Building Inspections

    Get an inspection setup with the Building and Planning Department.

  3. Business Licenses

    Apply for a license to do business within the city.

  4. Dispose of Hazardous Waste Items

    Learn how to appropriately dispose of hazardous waste items in the community.

  5. Fire Protection Services

    Find more information about the Fire Department and the services they provide.

  6. Garbage, Yard Waste & Recycling

    Obtain information about garbage, yard waste, and recycling in the city.

  7. Job Postings

    Peruse through a listing of available job opportunities with the city.

  8. Library

    Read about the library and services they provide.

  1. Pay a Citation Online

    Pay a parking citation that was issued by the Police Department.

  2. Permits & Forms

    Access a listing of permits, forms, and applications that are available.

  3. Report a Concern

    Submit a concern, comment, question, or issue to the city.

  4. Road Closure Announcements

    Review the announcements released about any active road closings.

  5. Senior Services

    Check out the available senior services and programs.

  6. Tax Payments & Inquiries

    Seek more information regarding tax payments and information.

  7. Utility Providers

    Research utility providers in the community.