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Current Exhibits

​May 6- June 16:  "A New/Old Place" Paintings by Marilyn Cvitanic

Although the artist has lived in New York for the better part of the past 25 years or so, her California roots run deep. As she acknowledges, "No matter where, or how far I travel or how long I have been gone, the colors of home are indelibly ingrained in memory." This colorful series of abstract images draws heavily on the light, air and foliage of her native California. 
She has recently returned to San Marino where her family has lived for over 40 years. She is a graduate of San Marino High School. 

​June 24- August 4:  Oil Paintings by Olivia Hernandez 

Olivia Hernandez thinks herself  primarily as "a colorist." From her home in a bucolic canyon in the Los Angeles National Forest she is surrounded by the ever changing hues of nature. She begins her compositions "en plien air" quickly blocking out the large splashes of color she sees. Then she refines and finishes the paintings in the studio. 

​August 12- September 22:  Traditional Chinese Brush Painting by Peggy Chang 

Chinese brush painting is an ancient art that continues to fascinate contemporary artist. Peggy Chang learned the traditional skills at an early age and has spent most of her adult life dedicated to refining those skills while developing a style of her own. She works with black, white and colored ink painted on rice paper, exploring landscape and floral themes.