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Current Exhibits

January 3-21 History of the Crowell Public Library Photographs

In celebration of the library's ninth birthday, the Crain Art Gallery will present an exhibit documenting the history of the library.  

January 30- March 10 Watercolors by Sally Bly

​Sally Bly is known for her lush watercolor depictions of aquatic environments such as lotus ponds and swimming Koi. The diffused colors of her palette lend themselves naturally to her chosen subject. 

March 18- April 28 "Compassion" Mixed Media by Anita Parys 

"Compassion" is the title of this exhibit of portraits of people and animals by local artist Anita Parys. Her images seek to convey inner emotions in her subjects that will connect and resonate with viewers. The artist experiments with scale, close-up and magnified images, faces as objects, as well as with media; combining oil paint, collage, ink and graphite. 

​May 6- June 16 "A New/Old Place" Paintings by Marilyn Cvitanic

Although the artist has lived in New York for the better part of the past 25 years or so, her California roots run deep. As she acknowledges, "No matter where, or how far I travel or how long I have been gone, the colors of home are indelibly ingrained in memory." This colorful series of abstract images draws heavily on the light, air and foliage of her native California. 
She has recently returned to San Marino where her family has lived for over 40 years. She is a graduate of San Marino High School.